Build a Secure Culture from the Source

Bring security to your development culture

At Puma Security, our mission is to help organizations build, develop, and support systems to deliver secure products and services.

With comprehensive offerings in Cloud Security, Secure DevOps, Code Reviews, Remediation, and Puma Scan Security Tools, we can help guide your team with continuous integration and development.

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Creating a Secure Culture in Development

Puma Scan Products

End User Edition

Visual Studio extension for individual software engineers.

Puma Scan Professional offers 70+ security rules, fewer false positives

configurable rules, and vulnerability reporting to catch vulnerabilities

as developers write code.

Server Edition

Performs secure code analysis outside of Visual Studio. The Server Edition

can be executed from the command line on continuous integration servers.

Includes the ability to export vulnerability reports and stop the build

pipeline if high risk are identified.

Azure DevOps Edition

The Azure DevOps extension that integrates directly into Azure DevOps

Build and Release Pipelines. Install the Puma Scan build task into your

organization's build pipelines to perform secure code analysis, generate

vulnerability reports, and stop the build pipeline if high risks are identified.

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Starting with secure coding in .NET to nearly 30 combined years in the developer and security community, our team understands the importance of including security measures throughout the software development and DevOps lifecycle.
How Puma Security Started

    Our Story

Our Story

Puma Security was founded to address the growing need of secure software development in a fast, cost efficient way. We understand the importance of including security throughout the software development and DevOps lifecycle.

Puma Security In the News

    In the News

In the News

Learn more about our story and how we’re impacting development, DevOps and security teams around the world.




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