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Take the guess-work out of remediation

Our remediation service reduces interruptions by allowing your development team to focus on delivering functional features for your organization.

  • We provide security-focused sprints, and send pull requests to your source code repositories
  • We use your tools and Software Development Life Cycle process to eliminate vulnerabilities
  • We help with vulnerable code remediation from start to finish and test for best security and functional outcomes

Pull Request Reviews

Our team can help ensure compliance is met by performing manual code reviews on high risk code and sensitive systems. Pull requests are assigned to our experts who review changes, and discuss issues with your developers. Other contributors can review proposed changes, and add comments and commits to the pull request. Follow-up commits may be made before changes are merged into the application. Once changes are set, the pull request is approved by our team.

Ask the Expert

Our team is available to answer questions or provide guidance to you and your team via MS Teams or Slack. We are also available for onsite visits to make sure the most secure code and practices are taking place at the source.

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