Vulnerability Assessments

We perform security assessments on legacy systems, microservices, serverless functions and containerized applications to identify and resolve vulnerabilities.

Secure Code Review

We test applications in real-time for vulnerabilities before the attackers do. We leverage dynamic application security testing tools and manually test the application for weaknesses in business logic and other functionality. This is something that automated scanners can’t test and provide an extensive assessment on.

Code Reviews by Security Engineers

Conducting a Vulnerability Assessment

Our assessments include details on how vulnerabilities are identified, reproduction steps, potential risks and resolution recommendations. Our team of engineers use information gathering, vulnerability discovery and exploitation for methodology.

To kick-off a vulnerability assessment, our team works with our clients on the following:

  • Questionnaire Identifying Project Scope
  • Alignment of Goals between Puma Security and Client
  • Establishment of Acceptable Milestones
  • Once assessment is completed, conduct meeting a on-premise or via conference call
  • Determine Remediation Steps

Our team can also help fix the vulnerabilities through our Code Remediation service.

Our team can take the guesswork out of penetration tests

Secure Code Review

1. Our team will scan application’s architecture, design, and source code for security concerns

2. After scanning source code with automated tools, engineers will perform a manual code review to identify vulnerabilities in business logic and high risk code

3. We will scan the application architecture, design and source code for security concerns

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