Secure DevOps

Application and microservice delivery is rapidly increasing as development and operation teams work together. Security in these fast-paced environments can be challenging to address.

We provide insight, consulting and customization to DevOps workflows to encourage and enable secure product delivery. We will help implement and run tools to support security and compliance in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

Secure DevOps: Five Goals and Principals of adding Security to your DevOps program

Continuous Security Integration

Vulnerabilities exist in custom code and open source software dependencies. Detecting vulnerabilities manually is time consuming and impossible to scale in large organizations. Building continuous integration between development tools, security scanners and vulnerability management systems helps development, operations and security stay in sync and automate repetitive work.

Our team built, and maintains custom security integrations for Puma Scan and OWASP Dependency Check for Azure DevOps build pipelines. We can help build custom security plugins and integrations for Continuous Integration Servers such as Jenkins, Azure DevOps, GitHub and GitLab for DevOps teams.

Automating Security Controls

Security IT teams are continuously overwhelmed by security and compliance tools. As a result, they waste time manually reviewing results, suppressing false positives and copying data into vulnerability management systems.

Insert Puma Security. Our engineers can help automate compliance tools, interpret results and integrate findings with existing vulnerability management systems.

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