Cloud Security

Security threats are continually expanding and becoming more refined.
Cloud security protects data, applications and framework in the cloud environment.

As a 100 percent cloud hosted company across both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, our team can help ensure your customer data is safe by helping build and review cloud configuration, resources and policies.

Implementation of Security in Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure Development

Cloud security starts with a secure by default infrastructure for storing data, running applications and hosting services. We help customers set up their Cloud Infrastructure - the layer of software and hardware between internal systems and the Cloud. Once set up, DevOps teams can programmatically deploy approved infrastructure for their applications and services.

Cloud Infrastructure Automation

Cloud Infrastructure as Code allows organizations to efficiently manage, deploy, operate and monitor cloud resources. Our team can help turn existing infrastructure into code using tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation and the AWS CDK. Migrating to a code-driven infrastructure allows teams to follow the DevOps process for scaling the cloud across an organization. A code infrastructure ensures consistency across environments, ultimately reducing downtime and enforcing security security controls.

Cloud Security Assessment

Our security engineers perform an assessment of your cloud infrastructure, resources, configuration, applications and services. Using a combination of automated compliance tools and manual analysis, we will provide a detailed report along with recommendations for improving account security configuration. Our cloud security assessments include the following touchpoints:

  • Inventory of cloud services
  • Authentication, access control and policy review
  • Encryption and secrets management configuration
  • Application and services hosting (e.g. Kubernetes, Docker, Functions as a Service)
  • Logging, monitoring and configuration
  • Cloud compliance score using industry benchmarks (e.g. CIS)

Cloud Compliance Automation

Businesses operating in regulated industries such as financial, insurance and government must address regulatory compliance as resources are moved to the cloud.

Our team helps organizations stay compliant with existing regulations and corporate policies in the cloud. Leveraging cloud-native compliance tools, including: Azure Security Center, AWS Security Hub and custom automation, organizations can prove that cloud resources are being properly managed, assessed and enforced.

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